Pressed By Divani has 6 different shaped sets and provide sizes 000-9 within some shaped sets, and 000-11 in other shaped sets being that some shapes fit larger than others. 


Although we provide a sizing chart to view, PBD understands that not all nail beds are the same for most which is why we provide 20-23 press ons and a sizing kit within your first order to determine the perfect fit for each nail. For your second order 15 nails are provided within your order. 10 within the box, and 5 replacements along with essential belongings within the kit.


For an easy method to measure your nail size at home, place a piece of tape over your nail and mark where the top of your nail bed ends and measure your markings against a ruler or measuring tape.
Use the sizing chart below to determine which nail size best suits your nails. If you do not match the listed sizes, you'll be able to briefly detail your custom size with your desired measurements, within the notes section of the set that you're purchasing via the site.