Launching in the summer of 2021, Pressed By Divani is a sustainable line of quality, handcrafted press on manicures, that are designed durable enough to complement a woman’s everyday  lifestyle, from working hands on, to celebrating a formal occasion.
Pressed By Divani takes pride in not only providing the luxe look, but prioritize a quality manicure feel, with our durable, reusable, non-damaging press ons for everyday wear for any occasion, giving treat & pamper yourself at home a new level of iconic as well as style and grace without the hassle and inconvenience.
Throughout my years, I have always been captivated by the beauty of press ons. I remember sitting with my granny when I was a young child as she taught me how to apply them,  and how I felt like such a little lady while looking at my hands in awe. Entering adulthood, I wanted more within the realm of press ons. I felt that I didn’t see my favorite tones and shades on the shelves, I wasn’t able to wear store bought sets for more than a couple of days without them popping off, or having the shape ruined while performing my everyday routine. As I started to think if I felt this way, then how many other ladies feel this way too? So by 2019 PBD was merely an idea. Two years later I decided to launch my brand and share my endearment and creativity of quality press ons that are the essential element to a woman’s everyday lifestyle.